Skin Cancer Checks

Why do I need a professional skin check?

Doctors use a number of tools and techniques to examine skin thoroughly, beyond what the naked eye can see.  Melanomas that are detected and treated early are cured in almost 90% of cases. In addition to self-checking regularly, you should have your Doctor perform a skin check once a year. It is also important to get a skin check with your Doctor if anything suspicious appears, in addition to having your annual skin check.

Where to get your skin checked?

General Practitioner (GP)

A GP can perform a skin check and examine any lesions of concern. They are familiar with your history, can talk to you about risk factors and family history, and treat some skin cancers. They might also refer you to a dermatologist, if needed.

New Street Medical Centre also offers MoleMap services every Monday.

The lesions are imaged by a MoleMap melanographer and sent to one of their specialist dermatologists for diagnosis and referred back to your GP if action is required.