October Update – New Heart Health Check Appointments

General Practitioners (GPs) are able to offer a bulk billed Heart Health Check appointment for patients.

What is a Heart Health Check?

A Heart Health Check is the patient-friendly term for comprehensive absolute cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment and ongoing management.

It principally involves gathering information about a patient’s CVD risk factors, calculating and recording their absolute CVD risk using a validated calculator and managing their risk as per guidelines on an ongoing basis.

Who is eligible for Heart Health Check and how often can it be claimed?

  • All adults not already known to have CVD who are aged 45 years and above (30 years and above for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples).
  • The items can be claimed once per patient in a 12-month period and is a bulk billed service!

Why did we need a dedicated MBS item for absolute CVD risk?

  • Assessing and managing absolute CVD risk has the potential to prevent twice as many deaths from coronary heart disease when compared with treating individual risk factors.
  • Underuse of absolute CVD risk calculators contributes to the under-treatment of high-risk patients. Up to 70% of high-risk Australians aged 45-74 years are not receiving blood pressure and lipid-lowering therapy.

Whilst family history cannot be changed – our Doctors may be able to assist with reducing patient risk factors and improving quality of life.


Please call 9595 9777 to book an appointment with your doctor for your heart health check!