Electronic Prescription Information For Patients

As part of our ongoing medical service, New Street Medical Centre is very happy to announce that we can now provide your prescription electronically. Your Doctor will be able to SMS or email you a link to a QR or barcode token. This is called an ePrescription, or eScript. Please note that eScripts are only available for patients with a Medicare card (or a DVA card). This new service avoids the need for patients to collect a paper prescription for their medications.

What do I need to receive an eScript?

You must have a smart phone or an email address to receive your eScript. You can have the eScript sent to a family member or friend if you wish. You must provide their phone number or email address during your consultation with your doctor if this is the case.

When do I receive my eScript?

We will send your eScript during your consultation. This will come through as link to a QR code that you will provide to your pharmacist.

How do I fill my eScript?

You simply need to go to your pharmacy and present them with the token sent to your phone or email. Your pharmacist will do the rest. There are also apps available to assist you with storing your tokens for repeats, such as eRx or MedAdvisor. These applications also allow you to submit your script to a pharmacy from the app, so when you arrive at the pharmacy your medications are ready for collection. In future, patients with several ongoing medications will be able to share their Active Script List (ASL) with their pharmacy to make managing prescription’s even easier.

Does my Pharmacist need to be eScript-capable?

Yes, your pharmacist must also be eScript capable. If they are not, we will continue to provide you with a paper prescription.

eScript-Capable Pharmacies 

If your pharmacy is not taking eScripts, we will provide you with a paper prescription unless you have checked with your pharmacist to confirm they can receive eScripts and communicate this to your GP during consultation.

Do I receive multiple eScripts for multiple medicines?

You will receive one eScript per medicine. If there are repeats for a particular medicine, your pharmacy will send you a new token for each repeat. Any repeats for a prescription issued with an initial eScript will also be electronic. When you fill the initial eScript, the pharmacy will issue you with a new token for your next repeat – you will need to keep the new token for the next time you need the medicine.