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Consulting Session: Every second Wednesday all day
Contact Number: 1800 340 631


Perfect Balance Nutrition

Good nutrition is vital for healthy living.

Learning to enjoy food, as part of a balanced lifestyle is what Perfect Balance Nutrition is all about. We provide the expertise, support and accountability to help you achieve your nutritional and dietary goals. Our team of Accredited Practicing Dietitians and Nutritionists are experts in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.

We understand that there is more to achieving balance than simply providing a meal plan or nutritional advice. This is why we work closely with a strong network of GP’s, specialists, physiotherapists, psychologists and allied health professionals to ensure the best outcome for you.

You are in safe hands with Perfect Balance Nutrition

Call 0423 206 939 to book a consultation


Dr Jacinta Ryan

Dr Jacinta Ryan

Dr Jacinta Ryan – Clinical Psychologist, B.A. (Hons), Doctorate Clinical Psychology training (Monash D Psych coursework), Ph.D. Special interests include stress management, adjustment to life transitions, and parenting and personality issues.
Consulting Sessions: Monday and every second Wednesday all day.
Contact Number: 0409 251 355


Dr Kathryn Garland

Dr Kathryn Garland

Dr Kathryn Garland – BSc (Hons) D Psych (Clin) M.A.P.S. Dr Kathryn Garland is a Clinical Psychologist, registered to practice as a psychologist in Victoria. Kathryn has experience working with people suffering from the psychological consequences of chronic pain and disease, as well as a wide range of emotional problems and mental illness, including anxiety and depressive disorders, stress and other adjustment difficulties. Kathryn is registered with Medicare, WorkCover, TAC and all major private health funds.
Consulting Sessions: Fridays and by appointment.
Contact Number: 0418 571 922

Pro Feet Podiatry


At Pro Feet Podiatry our podiatrists enjoy helping you to be active, health and happy!

Our podiatry appointments will consist of:
– Listening: We listen to understand you, the activities you enjoy, how your problem present and how it affects you.
– Accurate diagnosis: We may need to refer you to diagnosic imaging such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and pathology
– Assessing and addressing the causative factors: We settle your pain and address the reasons why it presented.

We provide you with a specific management plan. We confirm your treatment goals, diagnosis, timeframe and management.

What to bring your podiatry appointments:

You could also bring a few things to your appointments:
– Footwear: Work, exercise, casual, slippers, thongs. They all help u to help you.
– Orthotic devices: if you have orthoses now or previously please bring them along.
– Previous results: If you have had imaging/results, please bring them with you.
– Referral: a referral is not required to see our Podiatrists. Though if you have one, please bring it along.
– Clothing: We will get you to do some walk/actiity as part of your assessment. Dress appropriately if possible.
– Medicare card, health insurance card: Where applicable we can process your rebate at our clinics.

Consultations by appointment every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Contact number 1300 945 789

After Hours Locum Services


National Home Doctor Services is available for after hours visits to ensure our continuity of care.



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